What's a Bubble Waffle?

Bubble Waffles, also known as egg waffles, are a popular Hong Kong street fair. The waffles are known for their whimsical spheres and delicious flavors. 


What is Puft?

Glad you asked. Puft is a Bubble Waffle food truck (we know, your dreams just came true). We've taken the traditional bubble waffle to the next level. We serve the traditional Hong Kong style egg waffle but with a "full meal" twist. Take a look at our menu and you'll get the idea.


Since we are a food truck, we tend to travel A LOT. Check out our Schedule & Events page to see where we will be parking next!


Bubble Waffles galore! Who could ask for more? Your taste buds will water when you see the menu.


Have a special event that NEEDS some bubble waffle support? Get ahold of us and let's make something happen.